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For companies

WHC Group is an international company providing HR services to its partners in Central Europe. WHC Group has offices in Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Serbia and Ukraine and in the Balkan region.

Our company has been operating on the labour market for 17 years as a successful recruitment agency, focused on providing comprehensive human resources services. The company's goal is to provide quality services for the satisfaction of our clients and employees.

The greatest success for the agency is when a satisfied candidate who has been provided with adequate work meets a satisfied client who, in turn, has obtained a qualified employee according to the specified criteria.

WHC Slovakia provides free registration in its own database for candidates looking for both temporary and permanent job opportunities. Among the applicants there are people with different profiles, interested in apprenticeships, professionals with several diplomas, speaking foreign languages or with experience in management. Based on the database in question, we are able to find suitable candidates very quickly and according to the required criteria.

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What we offer

Temporary Placement

In the case of a temporary assignment, we will select from our database or through other recruitment channels, and provide you with workers for any period of time, who will be selected according to your requirements. We will conclude an employment contract with the selected workers, pay them the same salary as your internal employees, including all taxes and levies, and in addition take over all related administration for you.


Permanent Placement

Do you need help finding a suitable employee or are you having trouble finding one yourself? Take advantage of our Permanent Placement service, thanks to which we will help you with your employee search and we will solve the search for you.


Brigade work

Part - time staffing service is a flexible and cost-saving solution that we recommend in cases of holidays, production start-ups, unexpected seasonal and impact work.


3rd country workforce

WHC Slovakia has extensive experience in recruiting labour from 3rd countries. In such cases we provide a complete recruitment process. We have the know-how in the relevant legal requirements and procedures.


HR outsourcing

It is a comprehensive service of HR marketing, HR processes and payroll. An elegant solution under one roof that allows you to focus on your company's core business.


Production outsourcing

Every manufacturing company faces a recurring problem many times. It is none other than the search for a balance between production provision and workforce. Too many orders - not enough employees, orders are down - what to do with the hired employees? The solution may be outsourcing of production processes, where the company outsources production on a business-to-business basis.


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